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    I bought the ACS150-AE-F and it is not performing as I would like. It is detecting currect flow through a heater. The heater draws 18 amps AC 480vac. The current sensor takes a few seconds to stop triggering after power is shut down to the heater. Not very responsive to the on/off current through it. Did I buy the wrong sensor? If so, which one should I have chosen? No matter where I adjust the pot, it does not respond fast enough in either the on or off condition.

    I need to detect if current is flowing through the heater. 480vac, 18 amps. I would like the current sensor to be more responsive.

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    What is the Driver for the Heater?.. It's acting like it's an SCR ( or the Like ) that is 'Triggering' a few times rather than just an On/Off Relay type..



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      It is a SSR, zero triggering. A PID then to a Y Ouput is driving the SSR. I see the SSR turn off, but the current sensor still is producing a signal, The red LED on the sensor slowing slows down then finally stops blinking. By turn off I mean the SSR is totally disabled, OFF. No signal to the SSR. I been using Carl Gavazzi current sensors, but they are no longer available. A bit pricey.


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        The response time shows to be 120ms.

        If the max load is 18A going to the 150A sensor, the wire to the load could be looped through the sensor multiple times.
        This would allow the setpoint required to be raised into the top half of the sensor range, which may let the comparator in the sensor switch faster.


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          This is an old post but someone might find it useful. i struggled with the current sensors seeing current several seconds after the SSR was turned off. It turned out it was the SSR itself. The indicator light was leaking current to cause a small amount of current to flow through the SSR. I was seeing fluctuations of 4 to 8 amps through the SSR for up to 6 seconds after it was off. The red indicators on the current sensors would blink the whole time. I changed the SSR's out for ones without the indicators and all is good. I had seen similar events with sensor wires that have those indicator lights built in, they would leak current. Found this to be very interesting. I used SSR's with indicators in the pass, but with lower current applications. this is the first high amperage application I tried them on. I used an amp probe to trouble shoot this, not just relying on the indicators.