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Help uploading from a DL-06 PLC

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  • Help uploading from a DL-06 PLC

    My church waste water system is controlled by a Koyo Electronics PLC. It is a Direct Logic 06, model DO-06AR. We inherited the building from a prior church. There is no documentation available for the PLC and we do not have a back up copy of the PLC program or the program software to interrogate the PLC . We are experiencing some problems with the system and are searching for a contractor that can troubleshoot the PLC. The church is located about 25 miles east of Columbus, OH, in Baltimore. Does anyone have contact information for a contractor in the Columbus, OH area that could upload the program and provide a printable ladder logic and back up program. Please advise. [The Automation Direct Integrator site shows no contractor near by.]
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    without a copy of the program, or i/o list, whomever you find will have to "reverse engineer" the project download to make it readable, just so you know


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      Donnie did you ever get help on this? I would call the local automation supply dealers and ask if they could recommend a local person to help with the troubleshooting.