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Treminator I/O long tern satbility

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  • Treminator I/O long tern satbility

    I have 8 Term I/O systems running. Some with relay out some with HSO and some with analog in. All using the ECB100 base. Some running with a computer with Lab View. Some running with a National Interments PXI box/Labview. I have had 3 of the Terminator systems start showing erratic behavior over the last 6 months. Different modules will go off line in the same rack at any given time. I have replaced each module one at a time but nothing helps but replace the complete rack including the bases. Once replace all works as before. This gets to be expensive every 6 years. AD tech "replace modules". Has any one else seen this with 6 year old Term I/O racks? Any other recommendation for Field I/O?

    Merry Christmas to all. See you next year.


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    I have some IO installed for up to 15 years with no problems. Are there any machine vibrations going on. I seen capacitors and other components actually come loose caused by machine vibrations. doesn't take much vibration. Very short quick vibrations are the worse. You may not see it but can feel it happening. Had to install rubber vibration mounts on a couple machines and that solved the problem. You do not hear much talk about machine resonance or vibration. there are a couple motion applications I did that it did matter.


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      I too have had horrible luck with the Term I/O series.
      In fact, just worked a 17 hour day changing out a Term I/O to a BRX.
      The PLC would go through thermistor cards about every 6 months.
      Plus the PLC would display the exact same issues bsinkovich mentioned
      Really hoping the BRX will be more reliable!?


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        I have had problems also and decided to abandon the platform. Here is a link of a post I wrote a year ago asking the forum if anyone had experienced similar issues.


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          Here's a link of my similar issues with the I/O series!?