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H2-CTRIO Config Problems " Error reading shared ram" HELP

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  • H2-CTRIO Config Problems " Error reading shared ram" HELP

    I program with DirectSOFT5 at the current job and have been using the software for about 1 year. I am not the greatest programmer of all time. I have done things I am proud of. I still have many peaks to climb. I am self taught in this field. So sometimes I get into a corner. That's where I am now.....

    The machines we manufacture utilize an encoder and high speed counting utilizing the H0-CTRIO2 and D2-CTRIO2 modules. Therefore I am using 06 PLC's and DL260 CPU's. We manufacture a lot of machines that all share the same configurations. The PLC programs are programmed so the addressing and counting that is being processed works pretty much universal.

    So I have probably configured 150+ CTRIO modules and never have I had any issues now that I am further down the road of course.... I did something one time and the thing started flashing red.... And I dont think I ever fixed that..... lol. That was like my first week though and I was thrown into the fire here in my position.

    So my issue. Only on the DL260 in a 205 PLC rack I am all of a sudden getting an error message. Didn't find anything about that message in the software help section. Don't know why its happening. My 06 PLC's are not having this issue with the CTRIO Workbench. I thought at first it was a specific module.... No. Its not. Its important for me to figure this out quickly as I am responsible for all the programming for technical support for this entire company. I don't have anyone to help me in a bind.

    CTRIO Workbench shows com error. When I try to connect to my PLC it says "Error reading shared ram".
    - I know the protocol is set right. DL260 K-Sequence (since DL260 CPU is what I am programming)
    - I have always used COM3 and still am today. That's what everything's set to.
    - The module is in a proper slot
    - I know my configurations are good
    - I've done this so many times that I am comfortable with the software I don't think I accidently changed any settings.
    - I can connect to the CPU. I can read, write, and edit my ladder program just fine.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Update... I was on vacation for a week. No one asked me for anything. No one else here has ever even successfully connected to a PLC.... While I was gone my computers settings and safety was compromised. This is happening right after a vacation. I was just told people were in here for lengths on my computer. Ugh....


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      Try to get DirectSOFT to talk to the PLC first. Make sure your Comm Links are working from a DirectSOFT standpoint. Once that is working, try the same Comm Link in Ctrio Workbench.

      Your PC's serial ports may be messed up or moved (e.g. USB to Serial adapter moved from COM3 to COM5 or whatever).
      There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who know binary, and those who do not.


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        Reading the CTRIO manual it seems I am not reading the internal register that data is stored in the microprocessor that holds the random accessible memory. So bluntly it don't see it. Like it were unplugged. My settings have not changed like posted before. Frustrating. The thing is I don't know what could be wrong at all. I don't understand why my DL 06 plc's work and my DL260's will not You would think reading what I have that if this were happening on one it would also to the other....

        What do they share?
        - USB Port COM3 of my PC.
        - USB to cable adapter.
        - D2-DSCBL Serial Cable.
        - Same PC
        - Same application/software.
        So that's where my issue isn't.

        What is different.....
        The link you select to connect. When you start the application

        DL-06, COM3, K-Sequence, Baud 9600
        DL-205 260 PLC, K-Sequence, Baud 9600

        The Yeah I made these links. I named them the way they are listed above because that's their basic setup really. I've gone through their settings now and they are unchanged. They are for the PLC I am working with at each time.

        WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? Maybe firmware? Or I got into an old batch with something that's changed? Have had that with Touch Monitors our Linux app uses. Part number for screen stayed same but something embedded in them made them go out of calibration constantly and the manufacturer changed it saying NOTHING. Actually couldn't even tell what they changed. They didn't know in their tech support dept.... That was irritating. I didn't create the Linux app though my predecessor did and he fixed it. My old boss. He's gone though. I wish I could get him to help me. Had similar happen with our PC vendor too. They changed the serial port settings in CMOS from factory and said nothing and one day our label printers just wouldn't print no more. No warning nothing. That took me a minute back then. I figured that out though.But that manufacture wasn't knowing our custom app or thinking about it effecting us specifically. I wouldn't think anything randomly changed without note to make it obvious I needed to update or something. The packaging these modules come in specify CTRIO Workbench 2.2.0 or later. I have CTRIO Workbench 2 Version: 2, 2, 1, 4 as my hardware tool.

        Anyone follow me? Any advise is helpful.


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          Everything else works. I got connection to PLC. Just cant read HO-CTRIO2. Every other possible thing I do.... I can do.


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            Also I can connect fine to my DL260 CPU. Like my D0-06 PLC's. I can work on my H0-CTRIO2. Just not H2-CTRI02


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              Do you have the H2-CTRIO2 in the first slot to the right of the CPU? It's not allowed there.



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                Found it.... Someone must have been on my computer while I was on vacation. Changed the protocol for the DL260 CPU to DirectNET!!!! You know it was taking an incredible amount of time for me to connect to the CPU. It would connect to it eventually. But CTRIO was not happy with that setup. Geeze. I was getting frantic. I looked at those settings once too and my connection I named it with "K-Sequence" in its name and I missed the setup box when I was checking that probably because I had K-Sequence in the connections name making me believe that it was set there.


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                  Thank you for the responses! I appreciate the help. I hope to find myself helping someone on here sometime. Although.... I may be needy now that I know this is here. Cool.


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                    Originally posted by Ruben4160 View Post
                    Changed the protocol for the DL260 CPU to DirectNET!!!!
                    This is correct. In order to access CTRIO modules across the backplane via the PLC CPU, K-Sequence must be used. DirectNet does not provide any backplane access, just PLC memory access (V, C, T, Ladder)

                    There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who know binary, and those who do not.