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Analog card counting in 4 problem

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  • Analog card counting in 4 problem

    Hi All.

    Controlling a Vibration Pan controller from a DL06 PLC with an analog card F0-4AD2DA-1 using the 0-20ma Operator Interface is a Cmore EA9-T7CL-R

    The program is written to control the vibrator from 0 -100% however only certain percentage numbers work.

    For example setting the vibrator at 57% is good 58, 59,60 vibrator is off 61% is good (and faster than 57%) 62,63,64 Vibrator is off 65% is good etc etc.

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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    You have a data typing issue. IE your Vibrator Entry is in BCD and your PLC program is expecting binary or vice versa.
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