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Hello I need help PLC BRX

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  • Hello I need help PLC BRX

    hi i need to know if the axgear instruction can be used with closed loop to synchronize two motors with a feedback encoder

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    I recommend you to take a look of AXFOLLOW. The difference with AXGEAR is AXFOLLOW can take a offset (one or many times) , then eliminating the position error you want.
    Also, I think makes sense to try first without feedback encoder. This is not really a servo drive by itself. It is amazing how precise and simple can be while is open loop.
    It you want you can have the encoders connected to the HS counter and have the capture. With some little math you can get the error, copy the value to the offset in AXFOLLOW and execute the correction.

    Best regards


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      It would be interesting to know what sort of motors your are trying to synchronize. If the one following can be driven with a pulse train (many servos with incremental feedback or a stepper) then I'd imagine either AXGEAR or AXFOLLOW would be a pretty straight forward solution. However if you follower motor has a linear e.g. analog control signal I'd guess you'd have to pick one of the members of the axis structure and send it to an analog output or otherwise get it to the motor drive. CurrentVelocity seems a likely candidate, but depending on the other system details you might end up needing to wedge a PID in there somewhere, possibly using MstSlvError ?


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        ok thanks for the suggestions. Actually the control of the motors are analogous from 0v to 10v not tested with axfollow. with axgear the error is very large I need precicion test with PID