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Communicating a Rigol Multimeter with a D0-06DR

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  • Communicating a Rigol Multimeter with a D0-06DR

    Good Evening all,

    I have reached a point where I have hit a wall and would like some help/advice. My company purchased a Rigol Digital Multimeter (DM3058E0) will link the model here:

    I am trying to write a program where I would like to be able to communicate between my multimeter and my PLC. In order for me to see if my resistance meter and plc can determine a failure I have come up with an example below.

    In this example, I want to be able to detect an increase of 50% of the initial resistance value. I will assume the cable under test will have 10k ohms initial resistance. To set this up I have created a box with a 10k ohm resistor and a 15k ohm resistor. A toggle switch will be used to switch in between the two currents. I then want to set this 10k ohms value as initial resistance in the PLC. Then set a max limit at 14.925k ohm (9.95k*1.5). Anything measured above 14.925k ohm would be considered a failure. I will have the Rigol Multimeter measuring this value and have tested that the rigol multimeter has picked up the 10k ohms and when the toggle switch is switched the multimeter measures it at 15k ohms. I would like the PLC to be able to detect a failed test from when the measured resistance value is switched to the 15k ohms resistor

    How can I program my PLC to have contact with my Rigol multimeter as the only ports I have on the Rigol is a Rs-232 port and a usb port? If so what would the ladder logic look like in order for me to translate an output signal from my multimeter into my PLC as an input if its possible. Would I be able to have my PLC hold the initial resistance value of 10k ohms and if the rigol meter measures a resistance value higher than that then it sends a signal into my PLC to show a fail? Can I even have contact between my D0-06DR PLC and my Rigol Multimeter?


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    First off you need the ASCII programming interface manual for the DM3058:

    Secondly a DL06 isn't going to be able to handle this very well using port 2, the timing and ASCII handling is going to make programming a fairly large hassle. To use the DL06 you would need to get a F0-COPRO to do this sort of comms. Or do yourself a huge favor and upgrade to a BRX PLC that can handle this sort of ASCII communications with no problem.
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      Second the BRX recommendation.