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Scaling C-More Graphics with Floating Points

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  • Scaling C-More Graphics with Floating Points

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to display a bar that scales with a number (think water tank level), but I'm having some issues; it seems that the C-More software will only let integer tags be used for the Y-Axis sizing animation.

    Does anyone know of a way to either use a floating point number to accomplish this, or to convert the floating point tag I have into a number? I'm trying to avoid modifications to the PLC program if possible.


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    AFAIK there is no way to do this in the Cmore panel. You will need to convert the number to integer format in the plc.


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      Shoot. Okay, thanks for the response!


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        Originally posted by CamenexControls View Post
        I'm trying to display a bar that scales with a number
        Your "bar" is a "shape" (rectangle) object I assume?
        One possible workaround, only a possibility, might not work for your application; The "Bar meter object" can use a float tag, and if the object background color is the same as the screen background then one almost has a rectangle that changes size with a float tag. Almost, if one is trying to overlay this onto say, a raster image, it won't work so well, and there is still a narrow black border around the whole thing (though if one's screen is black that isn't a problem)

        Another (totally insane) possibility to avoid changing the main PLC program, if you are using a EA9 CMORE, one could connect a CLICK PLC to port 2 or 3 of the CMORE, then uses the event manager and tag copy to send the original float to the CLICK which would convert to integer that would be used for the display. Hey, I said it was insane I don't expect you to actually do it.