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P1 does not 'see' CMORE Current Screen tag value

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  • P1 does not 'see' CMORE Current Screen tag value

    Like some others, I suffer using a P1-540.

    When transferring a project, I get the random "program corrupt blah blah" message. The P1 will go to STOP mode.
    Other times, I do not get the corrupted program message, but the Pac SW will briefly indicate STOP and then RUN mode in the editor toolbar.
    I have seen WDT errors in the error log -- ONLY at the time that I am transferring a program to the P1.
    After this, my hard-coded numeric constant values may show as ZERO.
    Most of the time I get a successful transfer.
    A power cycle is usually required.
    Another side-effect of this is that after this bungled transfer, the P1 does not see value of the CMORE (EA7-T15C) current screen tag.
    It stays at ZERO until I either power cycle the cmore or manually bump the Goto Screen tag value to force the cmore to go to another screen and back.

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    I think the current screen tag thing is a part of your other tags changing to zero. The CMore does not continuously write the Current Screen value, just on screen change.



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      I think that you may have nailed it.
      as always,
      thank you, Bernie


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        If you are getting bad program transfers and status goes to stop and abck to run every once in a while then you may be having communication problems. If using USB you may have a bad cable or a loose connection. If using ethernet you might have something capping your traffic or be losing packets due to bad hardware on your network.

        If you have the CMore and P1k on the same eethernet network as your PC that is having communications issues to the PLC, then perhaps this traffic issue is also causing data issues with the CMore tags.


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          Thanks for your input Mike.

          Network is pc to stride.
          Stride to p1,p3 and cmore.
          Soon to be stride to p1, 6 P3's and cmore.
          not connected to anything else using ethernet.
          this only happens when transferring to P1.
          At this time there are too many other comms issues with other P1's to assume that it is not the p1 at fault.


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            I was searching for another anomaly and came across this 2011 post.
            It seems that this problem (random "program corrupt" ) was built into the PAC from the start!

            Can we get some of the foundation issues FIXED before we add more and more features/families that build upon this shaky foundation?

            [edit] Added 'program corrupt' reference
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