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DL05 Pulse catch mode

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  • DL05 Pulse catch mode

    I have a Keyence LR-W500C full spectrum sensor that I am using to detect a splice in an expiring roll of paper. This sensor triggers a edge marking system so that the splice is identified in the finished wound up roll. The line speed for winding is in excess of 1650 fpm, so the sensor only sees the splice an instant. I am taking the sensor output and sending it to a D0-05DR-D controller at input X0. I have X0 set up as a high speed input in Mode 50 which is pulse catch mode. I want to catch the changing status of the sensor and hold the pulse "on" long enough to trigger my external marking system. We have used this type of set up before on another line and it seemed to work well. It is not working on this line and we are missing marking splices. I think everything is set up to do what I want. Could someone look at my code and see if there is anything I'm missing. Thank you.

    Logic for DL05 pulse catch mode.pdf

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    While it is obvious, X5 must be on and remain on. Sometimes things as obvious as that can be overlooked (which I may or may not know from personal experience ) I don't know anything about configuring the DL05 inputs, but as I looks complicated that would be something to double check. While the pulse catch (if working correctly) should be plenty fast enough, some sensors do have that ability to "stretch" a pulse making it easier to detect, Also, it looks like the LR-W500C has selectable response time (filtering I guess) , can be as high as 500mS which I'd imagine is much too slow for your application , so you might double check the sensor configuration