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Need Help assessing the load a Stratus Vortex Cooler (TV35-025-4X) will have

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  • Need Help assessing the load a Stratus Vortex Cooler (TV35-025-4X) will have

    Greetings and thank you for your time.
    I'm wanting to install a Stratus Vortex Cooler (TV35-025-4X) in a control cabinet. My concern or hesitation is having no experience with them I'm not sure how to assess how often it will turn on, stay on in operation and the overall load(cost to operate) it will place on the customer and their air compressor. The control cabinet is a Nema4 and roughly 9sq/ft in size with a heat load of 1227BTUH (Heat load transfer=
    234 BTUH & Internal Heat Load=993BTUH) The air cooling unit offers 1800BTUH @100PSIG & 25CFM
    The ambient temperature of the factory is 87F and I wish to keep the internal cabinet temperature at 77F. The thermostat with the unit has a 7degree variance from set point. The air compressor used is a 10HP 130Gallon unit which is usually powering tools at 110PSI and unfortunately this is all the information I have on the unit. Ignoring all the other loads,
    if anyone has any personal experience with these cooling units and would know how often they typically operate for to cool, how frequently they turn on and any insight as to how I could calculate how much it will cost my customer to operate I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you

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    You need to find out the air compressors CFM rating at the specific PSI. Some compressors have a rating of around 50CFM at 170psi, some have that same 50cfm at 100psi. Still others have much higher cfm rating.

    Either way, 25cfm of usage is rather high and quite a costly solution in air usage. I just looked at a random site for all their 10HP twin-stage compressors (since they didnt list any single stage up at 10HP) and the average seemed to be 35-40CFM produced by the compressor. If that really is average capability, your cooler would use the majority of the air compressor by itself.
    34CFM at 175 psi:
    35cfm at 100 psi:
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      Here's a calculator. Not sure of it's accuracy, but sounds about right:

      I know the vortex coolers are VERY inefficient, for this example:
      1800BTUH requires 100PSI/25CFM -> 4.12HP

      A typical Air Conditioner
      115v/4.1a = 471.5w -> (/746) = .63hp

      BUT, some environments require something other than an air conditioner, due to dust or other issues, so you pay the price!


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        Thank you both for your time. I spoke to some techs for an alternative company and the tech said according to their calculation the cost would be a modest 15$ per week. I will follow up with engineeringtoolbox and see if it's consistent with the method they used or if it might be better? Thanks again! I will follow up by posting the method in which they calculated the cost as well.
        Have a great day.