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  • Nitra Pressure Transducer

    I am working on a project where I need to be able to select a specific pressure from an HMI. My only issue at this point is calibrating the pressure transducer. The model is a Nitra NCP2-20-3120N. The available range is 3-125 PSI. The instructions say to find 0 (adjusted with the "zero screw" ) and find the desired max (adjusted with the "span screw"). These 2 settings do affect each other so going back and forth is necessary. The problem is no matter where I put the 0 setting at, I cannot reach a full range of 3-100 PSI. So far, the best I've gotten is 3-80 PSI. Any help would be awesome.

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    Since there are losses in pretty much any system I'd think your input pressure would have to be higher than the highest controlled output, I don't know how much higher, but it might be more than one might expect. Are you sure you have adequate input pressure? And of course, however unlikely they may be, manufacturing defects are always a non zero possibility