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  • Industrial Magnetic card writer/reader


    I bought a magnetic card writer/reader (MCWR), for a project where I'm in. The model is TCM-2000 from pointman.
    To turn it on, I was following the specification that I attached to this post and it says, after power on, to turn it on I have to send a initialize command in order to be able to communicate with the MCWR. I do that, but I have not any response from it.

    The command that I'm sending is: 0x43 0x30 0x30 0x33 0x32 0x34 0x30 0x30 0x30 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x30 0x30
    The communication is by RS-232 interface.

    Anyone here have used this MCWR or any knowledge? Or what should I do, that I'm not doing?
    All help will be welcome.
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    Are the port setting correct between the controller and reader?
    Are the voltages correct?
    Idle state voltage/polarity?
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      Hi kewakl,

      To send te command, I'm using HTerm program. It allows me to send in Hexadecimal and monitoring the serial input and output. By selecting the COM that is connected to the MCWR, I guess it the port is automatic selected.
      By the way, I tested, and the command arrives to the MCWR.


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        Do you have termination character(s)?


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          Hi Kewakl,

          To power the MCRW, I'm using external power supply, and I put the 24V that the specification mentions. Other connected wire is the USB(PC)-RS232(MCWR), só the voltage, is aprox. 3V, but it is independent from me.


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            Hi Kewakl,

            I'm not using it because the command is like that:

            Click image for larger version

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            Specifically to initialize the MCWR I have to that:

            Click image for larger version

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              Your init command string looks ok.

              Verify baud rate dip switches compared to your HTerm setup. see pg19
              If you can, check the signal polarity - the idle (unconnected) state of the RX/TX on the reader.
              I have had to change some ftdi converters to idle in the opposite state for some applications (FTDI MPROG manual pg 33) I had to invert the signals.
              I don't know what serial converter/port you have and do not know if you need to do this. just offering this as something to check.

              I use a saleae logic analyzer to check my serial signaling.


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                Hi kewakl,

                After your answer about termination characters, I read again and I think, My error is there. Down you have the pic of it:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	3.jpg
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                This means that to sen the command I have to do like this: 0x02 Command 0x03?
                I do not understand what is BCC, have I to insert to? If I have there is no hexadecimal representation for it.


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                  BCC is Block Check Code or Block Check Character - depending on the documentation you read.
                  I have no idea how to calculate the BCC value(s.) The manual makes some mention of XOR, but not how to apply it or what values to xor together......
                  CR is Carriage Return is 0x13.


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                    Hi Kewakl,

                    Your interpretation of it same as mine?
                    I was doing wrong, and the correct way is first 0x02 then the initialize command and then 0x03? After that is BCC and CR, now the problem is to know if we need insert BCC too!