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Anyone with Experience for KepServerEx Pricing?

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  • Anyone with Experience for KepServerEx Pricing?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am evaluating OPC Servers for a project that we are going to be working on with a client. We will be connecting to several Allen-Bradley PLCs at a single site, and pulling data for dashboards and analytics.

    I was talking to a Kepware Sales Rep this morning, and they are telling me that the only cost we would have for being able to connect to multiple PLCs in the plant would be a yearly $452 fee based on their subscription license.

    Honestly, this sounds too good to be true, considering that other SCADA servers that I have experience with usually start in the $1000's and go up from there based on the number of tags and different modules.

    Does anyone here have experience with using Kepware for a project? How did you find the pricing to be in reality, along with its ease of use, etc.


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    We have never used the yearly subscription. But we upgraded 10 stand alone PCs this year (put into service in 01/2012) at one site it was only $1652 per PC. With no yearly cost. So 4 years at $452 is $1808 so sounds a little high?? Did you talk with Ron or someone on the Kepware side? Kep server is very easy to use. We also use the KEP Infilink HMI software works great. Been using them since early 2001. We have also gone to (about 5 years ago) the Logic Supply Industrial PCs with a 5 year warranty. No problems yet.

    Oh and we have never ran into a tag limit with the server only the KEP Infilink is tag based in cost. But $2550 for unlimited tags is not bad.
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      Several years ago, if I needed a KEPServer license it would cost about $1000 with a year support. At my previous employer, they were trying to roll out a dashboard system based on PTC ThingWorx using KEPServerEx. It appears they are trying to go to a subscription-based system with KEPServer as we were quoted around $450 per year per server license. As an example, we had the A-B suite and the Mitsubishi suite and they quoted us around $450 per suite. YMMV.


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        Thanks for the replies guys. I think my confusion is around the fact that the Kepware software is licensed on a per-install basis - i.e. per PC that the software is running on. You are able to connect as many PLCs (assuming correct drivers) to that PC as you like... so long as the networking infrastructure allows it. If each PLC is in a separate network or something like that, then you need to purchase a license per PC that will also be on that network.

        Obviously, you can do additional work to make the networking all work properly to reduce the amount of Kepserver licenses you need, but then you are spending money and time on your internal infrastructure. Sometimes better to just pay for extra licenses.

        Thanks for the input!