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    I have been using AutoCAD 2010LT. I am looking at moving to something different. I am curious on what others are using and how will you rate it. The only thing that I will use it for is panel layout and schematics. I do want it to be compatible with DWG files. I prefer to either go free or purchase a perpetual license. Your input will be greatly appreciated!

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    AutoCad got my last $ a few years back, when I went to Win10, and they wanted another $300-$400 to use the LT version I had bought initially for ~$100 and was forced to upgrade for $100-$200 2 times prior... They can (fill in the blank)

    I bought TurboCad and liked it for some mechanical stuff better than AutoCad, then I tried their upgraded product, DoubleCad in the Freeware version, and liked it for the electrical I did, so I stuck with DoubleCad.


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      NanoCad is what I am using now. I started with the free version, but once a year the trial license will expire but you can email them and get it renewed. One time my trial expired and I needed it like "right now" so I went ahead and bought the paid version of NanoCad Plus. I could have used a burner email account and got another free trial, but I figured I owed them something for using their tool for free for over two years. It is well worth the $180/year and has some features that you don't get with the free version. I have only had a couple of minor issues with it in the last five years since I first started with it.


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        Visio, used autocad in past to expensive. At first I thought Visio was geared toward other purposes, like flow charts but about a year into it serves my needs, easy to use and not very expensive. Most all symbols I downloaded from Radica cad built my own symbols lib, I have done electrical schematic's, one line's, panel layouts and several other types of drawings.


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          Also using Visio but with Radica Electra (V7) plug-in. Works pretty well but beware on panel layouts, if you're going to be converting AutoCAD drawings into Visio, Visio does not handle complex AutoCAD drawings well.