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PLC's Communicating at differnt locations

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  • PLC's Communicating at differnt locations


    I have a customer that is wanting to control a few pumping stations at are spread out by a few miles. The pumping stations all pump to a central tank. We are needing the central tank location to be able to communicate with the multiple remote sites. The sites will all have a Ethernet connection. I haven't personally done remote sites like this and was wondering how to get them to communicate to each other other the few miles.

    He wants to use Click but is open to other PLC's also.

    I believe i could use a BRX and MQTT but not totally sure, so im just looking for suggestions.


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    If you have line of sight between locations or maybe just one or two small to medium trees in the way then you could use Ubiquiti NanoStations, or PowerBeams, or LiteBeams to send a wifi LAN to each remote location. This will give you the highest bandwidth and probably best security since it the traffic wont go through the internet. Just choose a good, long, random password for them. These point to point wifi units will plug into your ethernet at each location.

    Otherwise you will want to connect everything to the internet and run VPN clients at each remote location and have them connect to a VPN server at the main site. The VPN server or client will connect to the switch at each location and most likely use an LTE modem connection for internet data. This has lower bandwidth and higher latency, costs more, and is less secure. However if you dont have line of sight it is probably your only real option.
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      We frequently use radio modems for this. When you say that all sites will have Ethernet connection, did you mean Internet? Or will there be a LAN connecting all the sites?


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        The customer will have a AT&T Hotspot to get each site onto the internet. I think i am going to investigate using MQTT as it looks pretty straight forward to use.


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          You can use MQTT to publish data onto a network.
          If using internet connections at each site you will want them all connecting to the main site on a secure VPN so that it looks like each place is all on the same network.
          You will probably also have to raise default timeout settings on the PLCs.