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DirectSoft5 user now starting with Do-More

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  • DirectSoft5 user now starting with Do-More

    I've been a DirectSoft5 user for a few years, now starting up a project with the Do-More. I migrated an old project to see how things have changed, and my log files reference a bunch of help topics. DM0085, DM0047, DM0205, etc. I can't for the life of me find these files on the Automation Direct website. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    The DirectSoft5 software had a massive, 2-volume manual on the website (d2uservol1_260 and d2uservol2_260). I basically read this cover to cover when I taught myself how to program. Where is such a manual for the Do-More software???

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    Those DmD numbers are Help Topic numbers. Hit F1 to launch Designer's Help system, then search for DMD0047, etc.

    The Instruction Help for Do-more is much like the old PLC User Manuals, with parameter details, examples, etc. Just hit F1 on any instruction. Also, hit F1 inside any dialog box for details on that feature.

    There are also a bunch of videos available for free and other info at Also, with every CPU purchase, you get 30 days of free online training from ADC's training partner Interconnecting Automation,

    This should get you started, but definitely post questions here to get help on anything specific.
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