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Enter password twice for a protected screen.

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  • Enter password twice for a protected screen.

    I started password protecting a settings screen on my C-more HMI, software version 6.41, to lock it out to an operator. It recently has started making me enter in the password twice before allowing me access to that screen. Has anyone seen this before? Maybe a setting I accidentally clicked or know of a solution around this? It was working for a couple months and then started this requiring of entering it twice.

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    Objects can have the password option, and also entire Screens can have the password option. You may have enabled both. Right-Click that screen in the Navigation > Screen > Screen Option > Password Tab.


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      To be clear he is asking if both the screen change pushbutton and the screen itself have protection.



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        Thank you both for your response and help. That is indeed the case. I have both the jump to screen button and the screen itself password protected. Any advice as to which one should be password protected or does it matter?


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          That depends on if that screen change button is the only way to access that particular screen. If it is, then it shouldn't matter. I always use a numeric entry to call a screen through PLC logic and do not use the HMI password options.