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  • H4-EBC replacement

    I have an H4-EBC in an old machine that we are upgrading. The I/O is controlled by a PC. It is all discrete I/O, no analog or motion. What would be a good update? Stay with an EBC module? Directlogic or BX? We have the code for the PC, but understanding it is not going well. I am concerned about memory addressing, especially going from an octal to a decimal platform. Would staying with the directlogic line ensure compatibility with the PC code?

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    The H4-EBC is still shown as available on ADC's website, seem to me it would be simplest to stay with it.

    Depending on how much I/O there is, to what extent I was "upgrading" and just what the PC program was actually doing, I might be tempted to scrap it all and use a BRX , but there is a lot of "depending on" in that statement.
    One not trivial issue is how much longer one will be able to find a "PC" , if you do have the source you may be able to recompile to run in a current OS , that is if "Windows need to restart to install updates [or just because we can]' is not a problem for you.


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      Unless the EBC is EBC100 you can't use Do-More directly ( unless they updated to work with regular EBC) I tried to do this a year or so ago and ended up just redoing the whole thing to BRX I/O and Field I/O. You might be able to do this if you do the H2 Do-More with an ERM module, I didn't try this. I had 2 racks cpu backpanel and another connected together and the serial to another 2 rack that was remote. This wasn't PC based, this was a h4-450 PLC. I bought 2 h4-ebc then found out the Do-More only works with the 100 variant.

      You should be able to do Directsoft though but after using Do-More its hard to go back to Directsoft.


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        The rack has 56 inputs and 96 outputs. Some modules are 32-bit. We are upgrading the PC to Windows 10. The H4-EBC is available, but not some of the modules in the rack that we would need. The options I am looking at are the H2-EBC100 and the BRX-EBC100-M.
        Our software guys are still trying to decipher the PC code, so I was hoping that using the H2-EBC100 might keep addressing the same as the H4-EBC (octal instead of decimal).
        Hopefully, I can get the DIP switch settings and the IP address from the H4-EBC. Thanks.


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          What modules aren't available? If its just 32 bit input or output use 2 16's. If its a specialty card then your kinda SOL. If your experienced in PLC's Do-More blows Directsoft away for programming in my opinion, so that would be my choice. Not sure how the PC to PLC conversion would work so you might have to rewrite in whatever you choose.