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Walchem EWN-C36VEURM

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  • Walchem EWN-C36VEURM

    I am trying to use the pulse function for a Walchem EWN-C36VEURM chemical pump with a ProSense FMM200-1001 Flow Meter from Automation Direct. After programming both to use the pulse signal, the pump is not working on EXT mode. The pump works fine on manual mode and works when i touch the positive and negative wires to create 1 pulse signal. I have checked the wiring and that seems to be right. I checked and re-checked the programming on both and that also seems to be right on both. Any ideas on how to get this working is appreciated.

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    You didn't give details on how you have configured the FMM200. I haven't used one, but did take a quick look at the manual, it seems very complicated. One thing I noticed is that default output is PNP, but it looks like your pump wants no voltage open collector. Which I think means you need to configure "output logic", ("extended functions" parameter "P-n") in the FMM200 for NPN output