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my output Y0 and Y1

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  • my output Y0 and Y1

    I am trying to create a program where I press a single button once and it toggles between my output Y0 and Y1. Basically when I press the button I want my Y0 to turn on and when I press the button again I want Y0 to turn off and turn on Y1. If I press the button again I want it to toggle Y1 off and Y0 back again and would like it to repeat in this cycle for however many times the button is pressed.

    I will attach a screen shot of what I have so far however I am only able to toggle Y0 on and off. Please provide a screen shot of the ladder view to get Y1 to turn on when Y0 is toggled off or vice versa.

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    You'll find some answers HERE
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      If you are able to toggle Y0 you could always tie Y1 to a coil controlled by a Y0 NC contact on the next rung.