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  • EIP on P1-540

    Anyone ever used EIP with a P1-540 and if so, have you had any issues with comms seeming to "time out" with your device? I am currently using Implicit EIP to talk to a weld controller. I tried Explicit messaging first, since I was just learning about EIP and how to properly use it. It seems that the comms times out eventually and I am curious if it could be the PLC. I also do not know if there is a comm speed limit with PAC that may be causing it to lose comms with the weld controller. Any thoughts, insight, or suggestions are welcome.

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    Most likely it is the PLC. I have seen many reports from people on Ethernet traffic suddenly stopping and requiring the PLC to be rebooted, across every model of Productivity. This has been going on for many years and Automation/Facts doesnt seem to care to do anything about it.
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      GingerDolphin, can you explain more of your situation? You say that you're currently using Implicit. But the Timeout bit is only available in the EMSG Explicit Message instruction. If you mean that your Implicit connection stops communicating that would not be a Timeout, but some other communication error. Please make sure that you have tags populated for all the EIP Client status and also all the Status tags populated for the I/O Message. You can add those to a DataView by clicking on the "Monitor" button inside the EIP configuration.

      This status information and the error codes listed in the helpfile may help you solve the issue.


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        GingerDolphin, please go online to the PLC and generate a system making sure the "Include project with debug information" checkbox is checked. Then contact our tech support group to create a ticket and send the system report to them. That will give us the information to research the problem.


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          It may be the PLC. The vendor for this weld controller has stated that they only tested it with AB. I was just guessing about the timeout because I do not know enough about EIP comms to say it wasn't and I do not know if the weld controller may be causing it. I have found that, at least on start up of the weld controller, that it will not acknowledge the status of the control bits until one has changed status. I will be sure to give whatever assistance I can to help AD see if there is a problem with the PLC.


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            This has been going on for many years and Automation/Facts doesn't seem to care to do anything about it.
            We don’t believe that this is fair or accurate. I can understand why you might ‘think’ this is true but we here at Automationdirect ALWAYS try to do our best to help our customers and to correct any problems that we might find in our product. The reality is that we have helped our customers to solve MANY problems over the years using a lot of our products. Sometimes the problems are in the application, sometimes the problem is in a 3rd party product and sometimes it is in our product. We spend a great deal of resources helping our customers solve all of these. We don’t always post this information in our forum because it could breach the confidentiality that our customers expect from us. When we fix a problem in our product, we always post it in the release notes of that version. If we have fallen short in this regard, then we apologize for it and were unaware that we had. But to be certain… we ABSOLUTELY do care.