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DirectLogic DL06 PLC LCD

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  • Bob S BN
    Is your concern that you want to show how much time is left, not how far up the timer has counted??

    If so, then you need to add another rung that starts with an always on contact(SP1) or timed pulse (SP3 (1sec) or SP4 (.1 sec)) and use the contact to do some math. The math involves LDing the timer preset value, SUBing the accumulated value, and OUTing the result to a new unused memory location, and using this new memory location to display on your LCD.

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  • MidlandStamping
    started a topic DirectLogic DL06 PLC LCD

    DirectLogic DL06 PLC LCD

    I am using the D0-06DD2 PLC with the D0-06 LCD screen.

    When an input closes I am trying to show a countdown timer on the LCD line 2.

    When X0 closes I start a TMR - is there a way to do math on the timer value and display the result on the LCD display?

    Right now I can show the TMR value (T0) using "Timer= " V0:B

    Thanks for any help -

    warning: I am a complete noob when it comes to PLC programming - I come from the .net world and ladder logic somewhat confuses me