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DL06 PID Loop Calculation Overflow Error

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  • DL06 PID Loop Calculation Overflow Error

    I have a PID loop setup using the DL06 processor and a F04AD2DA1 analog module. I have the output variable (V2205) set with a lower limit of 0 and an upper limit of 100. The loop seems to operate fine, except when it has a large span to gain (usually on initial start up). When there is a large span the output generally will hit the upper limit of 100. When the upper limit is reached the Loop Calculation Overflow error bit comes on (B2206.11) and the loop seems to stop executing. Sometimes the error will reset itself as the process variable gets closer to the setpoint, but more times than not the error stays on long after the process has passed the setpoint and the output variable is below the upper limit.
    Any ideas on how to clear this Loop Calculation Overflow error or how to avoid the error all together?

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    Look at the Freeze Bias setting on the Tuning Tab.
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      It may be a while before I can run the system again. They are making mechanical changes. Looking at the Setup PID offline on the Tuning tab the Freeze Bias is not checked.