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    Hello Everyone,

    I was hoping to get some feedback and/or ideas for a project that I have been working on. As an Industrial Engineer I've been around PLC's for quite some time, but have not done much programming up until now. I'm currently using a Productivity 2000 (P204B Base, P2-16NE3 16 pt sink/source input, P2-16TD2P 16pt source output, P2-08TRS 8pt output relay) to monitor production and capture data to evaluate the operations in a 5 station assembly department that operates for 1 shift per day. Each station currently has a simple control that consists of a push button, a LED status lamp, and a production score board.

    My goal (in addition to getting acquainted with the P2K) was to implement and regulate flow production as the employees have been used to batching at each station. The project started out pretty much as a time study, but has evolved as I have been learning about what can be done with this unit. My current program tracks production by counting units at each station and timing the cycle for each. I have one counter that tracks total units produced as well a a "queue" counter that allows a buffer of a few units at each station in case a worker needs to re-stock the station, re-work parts, use the bathroom, etc. Each station "pulls" completed units from the previous station's queue to facilitate the flow. If the queue is less than specified, then the lamp is lit to alert them to make a unit. The button is pushed after completing a unit to signal the end of the cycle. The scoreboard currently displays the target and current count.

    Everything is working great so far, but I am looking to add functionality for data collection and to program a shift timer that will pause station timers during lunch/breaks and reset the total unit counters at specified times. I think I have the shift timer worked out after a couple days of scratching my head, but would like to know if anyone could recommend another way to achieve what I'm looking to do or if it should work fine. I'd also like to get some recommendations on setting up my arrays to capture the cycle time data for review. I can attach or email my current program if anyone is willing to have a look at it.

    Future plans include capturing bar coded serial numbers of each unit, inspection/calibration results for each unit, and possibly connecting to our existing ERP database using Dataworx.

    Thanks in advance!
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