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Click PLCs with Analog I/Os and Ziplink.

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  • Click PLCs with Analog I/Os and Ziplink.

    Hi all,
    I'm using a C0-02DR-D Click PLC and in the documentation reads:
    "There are no ZIPLink pre-wired PLC connection cables and modules for the Analog PLCs. (Cannot mix discrete I/O and analog I/O signals in a ZIPLink cable.)"
    I don't know why you cannot mix 24 VDC and 4-20 mA signals in a ZIPLink. The 20-terminal ZIPLink fits in the C0-02DR-D. Has anybody tried to use it successfully?


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    I too don't see any reason 24VDC and 4-20mA can't share a cable. But remember there is also a relay output model of the CLICK with relays rated for 240VAC, I sure wouldn't combine 240VAC and 0-5V analog on a ZIP link cable, I'm sure that for CYA reasons AD has to consider the worst case scenario.


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      I have two additional comments to make:
      1) I tried the ZIPLink with the PLC C0-02DR-D I have for testing, and all the signals (DI, DO, AI, AO) work as expected.
      2) I remember we used the same configuration in a project a couple years ago (being not aware of the "cannot mix" statement) and it's been working fine.

      It would be nice if AutomationDirect provided more details on the "Cannot mix discrete I/O and analog I/O signals in a ZIPLink cable" rule.


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        Our position is; "Do not do it."

        I am glad that it worked for you. However, just because it works for one customer does not mean that it will work for all customers.

        If you have been in automation very long you have certainly ran across building two identical machines where one works and one doesn't for no discernible reason. Hence we always must go with the worst case scenario, which is; "It doesn't work well enough to be able to recommend to our loyal customers".
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          Dear Do-more PE:
          I really appreciate your feedback.
          However, I (and probably more people in the forum) would like to know WHY AutomationDirect position is "Do not do it".
          What happened during the tests you performed?
          Or what are the theoretical reasons for not doing it?

          On the other hand, I think there should be a good reason for not selling more of the ZIPLinks (by excluding the analog Click PLCs). And, at the same time I wonder why not to offer a special ZIPLink for the "forbidden" PLCs.

          Thank you!


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            I would see it effecting mostly Voltage based signals, which are more prone to noise. We have had good success so far using the ZIP Link with the Analog PLCs, but only in 4-20mA configuration.

            That being said, future ZIP links need to be more compact. Using 2-level Dinnectors provides more space, albeit at the expense of wiring. The 3-level dinnectors are very compact. For IO density, it makes less sense to use the ZIP link.

            Next wish: Ethernet Analog versions
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