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F4-04DA-2 (analog output) voltage issue

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  • F4-04DA-2 (analog output) voltage issue

    I am troublshooting a couple of analog input cards, F4-04DA-2, that produces voltages outside the linear tolerance for certain count ranges. The jumpers on these cards are set for 0-10V.

    Below is an example of some data points using my Fluke multimeter:

    2060 counts - 5.029V
    2063 counts - 5.037V (hex 80F)
    2064 counts - 1.978V (hex 810)
    2201 counts - 2.195V (hex 899)
    2202 counts - 5.376V (hex 89A)
    As you can see the counts range between 2064 - 2201 drops the voltage.

    Another range example below has similar response:
    2300 counts - 5.615V
    2350 counts - 5.737V
    2380 counts - 5.811V
    2399 counts - 5.857V
    2400 counts - 2.344V (960 hex)
    2450 counts - 2.422
    2455 counts - 2.434
    2457 counts - 2.439 (hex 999)
    2460 counts - 6.006
    2480 counts - 6.001 (hex 99A)
    2500 counts - 6.103

    As you can see the counts range between 2400 - 2457 drops the voltage.

    This problems is on more than just one channel.

    As far as programming the analog output cards, I used the example noted on page 14-18 (compatible for a 450 CPU)in the DL405 Analogs I/O Modules manual.
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    How are you entering the output count data?

    The example on page 14-18 is written for source data in BCD format. If you are using DirectSoft DataView to enter data you need to use the 'BCD/Hex' display format and enter new values as BCD.

    The results you are seeing is what I would expect if the data was entered using the 'Decimal' DataView format.

    2064 counts - 1.978V (hex 810)
    (810/4095)*10 = 1.97

    2201 counts - 2.195V (hex 899)
    (899/4095)*10 = 2.19

    If the bit pattern in the accumulator contains an invalid BCD bit pattern (Contains A,B,C,D,E, or F) then the BIN instruction (Convert BCD bit pattern to Binarry bit pattern) will not change the accumulator data.

    If you want to keep the source data as is then remove the BIN instruction in rung 6 of the example and it should work as you expect.