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Productivity Counter Module?

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  • Productivity Counter Module?

    I have seen a number of people on the forum asking for this and we have so far had around three jobs where we would have loved to use the new PLC but werent able to because it is lacking a counter module.

    Would anyone from AD be in a position to give us an idea when the counter module will be available?

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    It is currently in development. We do not have a release date set yet.
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      Justed wanted to see where the development on the counter is? I have an application that I would like to use the Productivity for but I need a counter module.


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        AD typically does not release information about a product until it is actually ready for sale. This includes all the certifications needed. They had been burned by pre-announcing, then people plan a project around it, then something happens to prevent the release messing up a lot of plans. So they hold off any formal stuff until its actually ready for sale. Understandable actually.

        Oh, and we also are looking for a high speed counter module among other things.