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C-More Micro---No idea where to start...

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  • C-More Micro---No idea where to start...

    I am new to the use of PLC's (have programmed only 1 before, and it was probably very sloppy), and now my boss wants me to incorporate a C-More Micro touch screen in place of start/stop buttons and fault lights.

    So i have the c-more micro programing software and go to put a toggle switch onto the display. A window opens and i need to edit the tag name. I know i need to add a new tag name but from there i am clueless.

    I know it auto assigns the number. No info needed there. But then it asks device name. Is that the PLC model or something? (i am planning on using either a DL05 or 06) After that it lets me put in a Tag name (which i assume i can make whatever i want). Then Memory type, address and bit i am again clueless. Where do i get this info? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am stuck right now. Thanks.

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    Do the PLC program first. Let me repeat that ... do the PLC program first.

    Put away the C-More Micro program until the PLC program is basically established. The fact that you aren't sure of the PLC model means you can't start the display.

    Do the PLC program First.



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      DLance, ditto on what bcarlton said, because your tag definitions (tag name, format, memory type, memory location, device, etc.) all have to do with your PLC program and tags and communication to the C-more.

      Are you developing a system that, once developed, you will produce a number of systems, OR, (as it sounds in your case) you are upgrading an existing system, and your boss is asking for adding control features and functions? If the latter, consider the C-more (full feature) panel and the DL06 or DL205. The added expansion, logging, display, and communication capability will save you hassle, time, money, and will allow you to provide what your boss will ask for next month.


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        Originally posted by KPrice View Post
        will allow you to provide what your boss will ask for next month.
        Presuming you can keep up with the demands

        Once you have done a hat trick, they expect it every day.
        PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCE: The fine art of whacking the devil out of an electronic device to get it to work again.



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          Thanks for the responses.

          The reason i have not decided on which PLC to use is due to the fact that i do not know how to use the c-more panel. If i manage to get it working correctly prior to the deadline then i will be using the DL05. However if i cannot, then i will need the extra expansion capabilities of the DL06. So for this inquire i will be focused on using only the DL05 from now on.

          As far as if this is an upgrade or a reusable program. If done properly and requires no changes for the next order it will be a reusable program so the expansion will not be necessary.

          OK, so to get started i write the program first correct? How do i write inputs/outputs that reference what has happened or will happen on the screen? (i.e. still start with x0 for the toggle on/off switch, then program that into the screen program? What happens to the x0 that is hardwired into the plc?)


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            It is better, for buttons on the screen which write On/Off conditions, to go to 'C' bits. Reserve 16 of them, beginning on a word boundary ('C' - Even Number - 0 (zero)) (for example C20)

            Go ahead and make the program both ways (external buttons and display). If you use the display then just don't hook up the pushbuttons.



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              Ok so let me see if i understand:

              Simple example-


              C0 is the switch on the C-more screen.
              now back to the C-more programing:
              add the switch on the screen
              create tag name
              auto selects number
              only gives options of internal and DEV001 for device name- (choose DEV001)
              Tag name- i put "on/off"
              Tag Data type- only allows for Discrete - choose discrete by default
              PLC Address info:
              Memory type - do not know where to get this
              address - Believe it would be 0 because that is what the address info states in the DirectSoft program.
              Depending on memory type selected - Asks for Bits as well (options are 0-7) no idea where this info comes from...


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                OK, you have a simple PLC program.

                When you start a new C-More project you must tell it what type PLC and communication method you will be using.

                When you hit 'Start a Project' you were given some fields to fill out. One is PLC Protocol. That's where you tell the C-More Micro software what you will be talking to.

                Memory type - do not know where to get this
                Open the Memory Type. You'll see 'C' as one of the choices. Choose it. When you do the 'Bits' selection goes away since a 'C' type is always a single bit.



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                  DLance, your questions are fairly straight-forward.

                  The memory type matches what you already have listed in your sample program, namely "C". The drop-down arrow will list the discrete memory type, and you would select "C".

                  You are correct. "0" would be the address.

                  The Panel Manager is where you setup your DEV001, which defines your PLC communication and protocol.

                  Clear as mud?


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