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DL06 to Click 4-20mA

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  • DL06 to Click 4-20mA

    I am in the midst of a project and just realized that it appears that the click, unlike the dl06 analog output modules, is a sinking output when in 4-20mA mode, having the - side of the output tied to the ps common. i have some valves that require a 4-20mA signal, the valve's -command is internally connected to the valve's supply common. I am a little cautious of trying to hook this up, and was hoping someone could help / point me in the right direction.

    valve schematic:
    click analog output schematic:

    Seems to me I have a real problem here, but maybe i'm just missing something obvious.

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    jnnewton, we have used the FC-11 signal conditioner in similar situations. It works great.
    Hope this helps.


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      that's a good idea, kind of defeats my purpose of using the click to save some green though. I also noticed that the click voltage output is 0-5 v, and the input impedance of the valve is 250ohm....5V/250ohm == 20mA. Could i just run the 4-20 valve with a voltage command?


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        Hello jnnewton,

        First of all, please do not try the analog voltage output. The minimum load that the analog voltatage output can handle is 2k ohm, so 250 ohm is too small.

        If you are not using any other analog I/Os on the CLICK CPU module but you use only one analog current output, there is a solution. Connect 24VDC to DA1I and connect ACOM to the #3 on the valve. I just tested with my CLICK CPU module and it worked correctly. In this case, you can not use the same power source to provide power to the CLICK CPU module and the DA1I terminal. You need to get 24VDC for the DA1I terminal from another power souce. This is because the analog I/Os are not isolated and the ACOM terminal is connected to the logic ground (0VDC) in the CPU module.

        If you need to use other analog I/O on the CPU module, you need to use a signal conditioner as KPrice suggested. (Thank you, KPrice for your suggestion!)

        Best regards
        ADC support