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Decimals in WX to DATAWORX PLC?

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  • Decimals in WX to DATAWORX PLC?

    PLC: DL06
    Option cards: F0-08ADH-1 (3) , ECOMM100(1)
    Software: Directsoft 5 , DataWorx PLC , DataWorx OPC Server

    I'm sure this is a very entry level question, however gotta start somewhere.
    just wonder how to get a decimal number to display into DATAWORX .csv file.
    I currently have all analog inputs formatted into binary and the all the way through my ladder. Dataworx is picking reading the data and logging perfect, just need to do some simple math with the data and get it into decimal form for a more accurate reading.

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    We've been doing data logging with dataworks for a few years.

    You need to convert to REAL to get expected display in dataworks. You can use the BTOR instruction to convert the number from Binary TO Real

    Your data is already in binary. You need to do a "LD" "BTOR" "OUT" to another address, and send the new real number address to dataworks.

    Hope this helps,


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      AAAAHHHH HAAAAAAA!!!!! Thank you thank you. I will pay it forward.