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SOLO 9696 PID Heater Control Issue

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  • SOLO 9696 PID Heater Control Issue

    I purchased a SOLO 9696-RRE to control a heater band on a small extrusion machine but am having problems getting things to work. I've followed the initial setup procedures for my temp sensor (Pt100 RTD) and configured the SOLO for PID control heating. Output #1 is connected to a normally-open SPDT relay for the heater. In my simple test rig, SV is 100 degF and PV is ~69 degF so SOLO is trying to heat the system. The control seems to be "thinking" correctly -- ie, green LED under "Out 1" is cycling on and off along with audible click corresponding to the desired output period and level. There is no voltage, however, across the Output #1 contacts to accompany the clicking and LED illumination. For normally open circuit I was expecting to see something across contacts 19 and 20 but can't get anything there or across 18-20 (or anywhere except the 120Vac power). Any idea why I can't get an output?

    Thank you for any help!

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    cvoissem, this seems to be an electrical problem.

    Just to check the relay contacts. With your wires disconnected from the Solo output relay terminals 18,19, & 20, are you able to monitor a closed circuit (low resistance) and open circuit (infinite resistance) with an ohm meter while the output relay is cycling?

    For example,
    with Solo output relay #1 energized, do you measure ~0 ohm between 19 & 20? Infinite ohm between 18 & 20?

    with Solo output relay #1 de-energized, do you measure ~0 ohm between 18 & 20? Infinite ohm between 19 & 20?

    Can you describe your output circuit layout?
    Is your circuit OK to the Solo? For example, 120V coming to terminal 20?
    Are there other contacts in-series with the heater relay circuit?
    For you to see 120V across an open contact on the Solo output relay, you have to have 120V to the Solo, AND a complete circuit to neutral thru the heater relay coil.

    We can narrow the problem down further knowing some of these questions.
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      Same problem with a Solo 4824

      I am having a similar issue with a Solo 4824. As far as I can tell, everything is configured correctly, my thermocouple is reading correctly and the Output 1 relay LED is lit up. However I have no voltage to Output 1. I have a resistive heating element connected directly to Output 1, and it is functioning without the controller.


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        Solo 4824 refers to a variety of controllers. There is a dash and two letters following that. Please specify your model.



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          The click is from a relay and it has a dry contact. You have to put a 120 or 240 volt to the com, then from the other end go to the heater, the neutral is on one leg at the heater. The other out put would be 0-10 volt, 4-20mA, pulse or relay.
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