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Productivity 3000 Losing Rung Comments

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  • Productivity 3000 Losing Rung Comments

    Does anyone else have problems with Productivity 3000 losing rung comments?

    Normally, I notice this when I have a rung that is halfway through editing and the software does an autosave. This happens when online and offline.

    I've been using P3K since 1.2.0 and it still seems to be doing this in 1.4.0.

    The computer is Win7 64-bit if that makes a difference.

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    Just doing some more programming and it seems like it tends to lose the comments more when the rung is redrawn.


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      Yep, this is one of the problems that I reported to Automation Direct a while back.

      It appears to me that if anything is deleted from a rung, when that edited rung is compiled, the rung comment disappears.

      If this happens to you, this is what I do:
      Hit the UNDO arrow in the tool bar, and the rung comment will reappear. Double-click on the rung comment to open it, hit Ctrl-A (Select All), Ctrl-C (Copy), and close the rung comment. Now compile again, and the rung comment again vanishes. Clear the OK pop-up. Hit Ctrl-K (Edit Rung Comment), then Ctrl-V (Paste), and the rung comment is restored.

      Also, as the Rung Comment edit window is so ridiculously small (you can only see two lines of text), I often do all my editing in 'Notepad'; and cut-and-paste from 'Notepad' to the Rung Comment edit window.


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        I learned to copy/paste to notepad on the rung comments that have lots of special information in them. The other ones I just copy -> runtime download -> paste without pasting in notepad.

        I didn't know about the CTRL-K before. This should save me a little mousing.