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PAC3000 Suite [v1.5.0(21)] Window Placement Sanity Check

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  • PAC3000 Suite [v1.5.0(21)] Window Placement Sanity Check

    Hmmmm. How did I do this?
    I have a second monitor that is almost WIDE ENOUGH to view the whole rung.
    At one time I had the TagDatabase/DataView window on that monitor.
    I did MOVE the TagDatabase/DataView window BACK to my laptop monitor before disconnecting monitor 2.
    Now, when I open a new instance of PAC Suite, I get this!
    I can change resolution long enough to grab the top of the window to move it.

    Please perform a bit of sanity testing on window placement. If the Top of the window is EVER ABOVE the top of the screen, bump it down a bit!
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    I had the same problem and closing the program and re-opening it does not work either. I ended up doing the same thing you did. Free software has it's disadvantages as well!!


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      Just do as I do.... I tell myself that this is a new platform.