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Ti 305-04b / ad- d3-10b-1

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  • Ti 305-04b / ad- d3-10b-1

    I have a Texas Instruments Base Series 305-04B/05B working with a DL 350 CPU, and I replace the TI base for a new Automation Direct D3-10B-1. PLC steel runs but some of the Output cards not works. Is this a base issue or the configuration or some thing also?

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    If the D3 series is like the 205s, then you have to configure the cards in the program.


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      The 305-04B is a 10 slot rack and the 305-05B is an 8 slot rack. Which did you have?

      305 addressing is slot-dependent, not software-dependent. However, there is a jumper on the backplane of the 10-slot racks that changes the addressing of slot 10.

      It would help to have a list of part numbers and physical layout of the cards in the rack, as well as what your program is set up for as far as addressing.

      The manual is invaluable as far as determining addressing, especially if you are not familiar with the GE Series One/TI/Siemens/DL305 series. Sometimes, even if you are!

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