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Another Productivity 3000 programming flop

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  • ControlsGuy
    Don't let it sour you on ADC PLCs in general and go back to AB. Just start buying Do-Mores instead of P3Ks! Do-Mores rock!

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  • kewakl
    Rant Mode [ON]

    This post is a rant. If you don't like critiques, don't read any further.

    SAI, you've resurrected an old thread - but for a good reason.
    V1.9.0(13) did not forget the margins. V1.10.0.11 is completely clueless about retaining the margins.

    V1.10.0(11) Release notes bugfix item 6 Printing from Print preview screen missing pages.
    What does this have to do with Page Setup margins?
    What was the reasoning for muddling with the code for the printer page setup?

    Someone where I work wonders why I do NOT jump on the latest release....
    He says "They released it for a reason!" That may be true, but I cannot use it for a reason.
    I don't jump on the latest release WITHOUT a compelling reason to do so.
    I try to do regression testing of my code -- It is hard to maintain/fix PLC code workarounds for buggy editor/compiler/firmware.

    V1.4 release :: Lose remote node non-array tags in network read/writes thread
    V1.4 release :: GUI lockup at 100% when transferring FROM PAC.
    V1.4 release :: dataview laggy or non-functional

    V1.5 release :: caused my upload/download/open/save times to increase from seconds to many minutes. thread

    V1.6 release :: could NOT search for anything with a '[' in the tagname thread
    V1.6 release :: could not search for arrays with a specified index thread

    V1.7 release :: tasks with array tags [Index out of range] will trash the GUI [item 7 V1.8.0(19) release notes]
    V1.7 release :: bit array Normally Closed contact not working as expected [item 13 V1.8.0(19) release notes]

    V1.8 release :: Editor trashed my project thread

    V1.9 release :: Data View sending unwanted data to controller thread
    V1.9 release :: RS-232 baud is unstable at anything above 2400 - cannot find a thread/post to link

    It has been a steady progression of a bugfix unleashing another bug -- which in turn forces another.................
    I have mentioned, on more than one occasion, that I would pre-release beta test and then I could yap in a closed forum. No response.

    Even with these issues, I still like the power and possibilities of the PAC.
    Finally, we get support for Ethernet/IP but what Easter Eggs will I find?

    And JAVA. With no intention of platform portability, the power of java is wasted.
    With JAVA out of the picture, I would guess that the editor/gui would respond much faster.
    The [Apps], [Tasks] and [Inst.] flyouts would fly out instead of creep out.
    Copy and Paste would not require several KBytes of JAVA Object Serialization/De-serialization to duplicate a rung.

    EDIT: (2017/04/21 a bit late, but I just had need for this post, so I thought that I should be fair and update.)
    I was offered, and began the paperwork for a P2K closed-beta (I hope that I can mention this, now.)
    The process stalled when my AD contact had personal/family/medical(?) issues, so I cannot fault my contact for this.
    The end result was that AD (and I) failed to continue the beta enroll process - I did contact AD to further this, to no avail.

    EDIT: (2017/07/16) spelling and V1.9 baud issues
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  • SAI
    It has been 2 years and the printing issues with Productivity Suite still have not been fixed. v1.10.0.11 is even worse than before. The software has never been able to save print margins from session to session. I could work around that issue by resetting them in every programming session if I needed to print something.

    Now I can't even get them to save within a session. As soon as I change them, close the Print Setup dialog and reopen the dialog, they are back to 1" margins in all directions. This occurs in both the File Menu Page Setup and the Print Dialog Page Setup. With some of my installed printers selected as Default in Windows 7, the Landscape selection will not stay selected as well.

    This is ridiculous and infuriating. Any first year software developer should be able to write a proper printer routine. Does ADC ever intend to fix these printing issues?

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  • PLC_PM
    Originally posted by MikeMc View Post
    Well after waiting for 3 releases for Automation Direct to fix the printout of the Productivity 3000 programming software it still looks like crap. Unless you you a font so small that it is almost impossible to read, there is no chance of getting a line of code to print on one line.
    MikeMc: We hear you loud and clear. We are currently working on the rung optimization which will greatly improve the printing option, but it will be in the next major release. The latest version was a Maintenance Release that addressed a few minor known issues and without the addition of new features. Our goal is to have v1.7.x released later this year. In the mean time we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your feedback.

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  • MikeMc
    started a topic Another Productivity 3000 programming flop

    Another Productivity 3000 programming flop

    Well after waiting for 3 releases for Automation Direct to fix the printout of the Productivity 3000 programming software it still looks like crap. Unless you you a font so small that it is almost impossible to read, there is no chance of getting a line of code to print on one line.

    My first printout of the new version (hoping against hope) was so mis-aligned that you would be ashamed to show it to a client. It looks like something one of my grandkids would to for a grade school paper. Despite claims that they would fix this, NOTHING was done. You still have to hack on the ladder logic to get it to print on one line even though it looks just find on the screen.

    It is almost easier to use something like Snipit to capture the ladder logic and save it as JPG files than it is to try and get an entire program to line up correctly.

    I was ashamed to show the last printout to the engineer and this was after Automation Direct had worked on it trying to get it presentable. And the only comment they had to make when they sent the printout back was that I was initializing my variables in the program wrong. Too bad that they don't understand enough about realworld programming to understand that you don't want to pre-load variables everytime the program starts. Maybe the variables are ok as is and you only want to reload them if some for of indicator says that the variables are not loaded.

    I am so agrivated with Automation Direct and their lack of care for producing the best software they can that I am ready to go back to AB full time. When was the last update you received for Directsoft 5? Can you retrieve the upper level double word variables from a Click using another Automation Direct PLC. I still cannot, and it does not matter what the master PLC is, the Click still returns an error when trying to retrieve this data. And this has been almost 2 years but still no fix.

    Their number one rating in customer servce damn sure does not apply to fixing problems that are reported. I will be that the weird problem of making the background color and foreground color the same on some data screens still exists. Or the weird offset of the selection block when it select part of the previous rung and part of the following rung. Their answer, we have never seen this before. If I had a dollar for everytime that I have heard this from them and eventually it was fixed, I would be running for president.

    If I have another crash of the Productivity software while working in it, I am scrapping the whole P3500 system. I have this last project to finish after I had draw out the ladder logic so it will look correctly in the printouts and then they can junk the system for all I care. The same goes for the Click. Such simple requests as to have an add on analog module still don't exist. And there is mothing cheap about having to upgrde a complete processor because I needed one more stupid analog input. If I am going to have to mix the systems then why not stick with the AB MicroLogix 1400 where I have Ethernet, serial and module expansion INCLUDING analogs for the same price that I am spending to kludge up a system for one more analog.