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WinPLC (H2-WPLC3-EN) batery replacement

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  • WinPLC (H2-WPLC3-EN) batery replacement

    Has anyone here ever replaced the battery in a H2-WPLC3-EN?
    We have one in a production machine that seems to be about 4 years and 10 months old. The OEM manual for the machine says nothing about any battery, but by the strangest coincidence, a couple of days ago I had an issue with the machine that got me curious about the PLC so I downloaded the manual (such as it is) for H2-WPLC3-EN and found this:
    "The operating system is resident in the module and does not require battery back-up. The user program is backed by a five-year lithium battery."
    The PROGRAM!!? If we lost data that could potentialy be reentered via the HMI that would be one thing, but to loose the program would be bad (did I mention the OEM manual says nothing about any batteries)
    It turns out that the two occurrences of “battery” in the above paragraph are the only ones to be found in
    i.e. nothing about changing the battery. If the retention of the program is dependant on the battery one would want to be cautious about removing the old battery, there does appear to be a (super?) capacitor on the board, but I’d like to be sure before potentially “bricking” $100K machine that is used daily.
    I did contact AD technical support, and they gave more or less the expected CYA response;
    “The project would need to be backed up on a PC with the correct version of Think and Do that the WINPLC is using. The battery can be replaced but we do not recommend that without first doing a backup of your project.”
    Since it is a H2-WPLC3-EN, it looks like I can use the free “demo mode” of think & do,, but that “correct version” concerns me, the machine has been in our plant for about 4 years so I suspect it was not programmed with version 8.0.6 that I downloaded from AD. Also the “Think & Do” package is rather complex and I don’t know how to even start backing up the project.
    The OEM is still in business so I suppose I could contact them, but, as I think I mentioned before, the machine manual doesn’t say anything about a battery so I’m not sure I trust them all that much.

    Also, I suspect Facts is being conservative when they say “”five-year lithium battery” anyone have any idea how conservative that might be for a WinPLC? There is what I think is a date code of 1007 on the CPU and it is 08/12 now, should we be leaving the machine on until we resolve the battery issue? Since the thing does have a battery I assume the capacitor is only intended for brief use while the battery is changed, and perhaps not for a whole weekend (if indeed it is a backup capacitor).