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Best practice for power source for NPN sensor and C0-10DD1E-D

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  • Best practice for power source for NPN sensor and C0-10DD1E-D

    What is the best practice for providing power to two NPN sensors that I will connect to a Click C0-10DD1E-D PLC? I am using C0-01AC. Can I use the 24 vdc power from the C0-01AC or should the sensors be powered by a separate power supply. Using the C0-01AC to power the sensors sure would be simple...

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    The 24vdc supply for controller should not be used for I/O. I have the 1.3A which powers the controller and for two I/O modules that require 24vdc, I use a second 24vdc supply.


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      Personally I wouldn't worry about powering sensors with the same power supply as the PLC. On the other hand, if I can, I prefer to power output loads, especially significant inductive loads like larger contactors or solenoid valves. with a separate power supply. However, sometimes that is inconvenient or expensive one will see quite a bit of commercial equipment that uses (and gets away with) a singe DC supply for all the low voltage stuff.


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        I wouldnt ever power devices with the PLC's 24v power. How many have had burnt outputs? Just imagine that spike going to the CPU, now instead of a dead output you have a whole PLC thats dead.


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          Loads should always be suppressed, but I am in the separate power supply boat. I'd a lot rather spring for another power supply for my expensive electronics than replace any of it due to spiking, shorts, etc from putting all on one.
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            Personally, I'd spring for a separate power supply for I/O, because any savings now seen in not providing an isolated source, will be lost in the later replacing of parts.
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