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Fatal Error in Syntax Check

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  • Fatal Error in Syntax Check

    I keep getting this syntax error when checking my program but I cannot seem to understand the error code. Can I get assistance on understanding what this fatal error means? I have attached a png file with the error code.

    Thank you
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    You have unusual path separator characters in that pathname. What language are you using on your PC ? You might try setting Windows to American English (if not already) and see if that help. One might also try reinstalling the CLICK software.


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      I'm getting this same error. I have two versions of the exact same program, the only difference is the name (as I upped the version number in the name). The old version passes syntax check without a hitch. The V2 (again, EXACTLY THE SAME), gives this error upon syntax check.

      What is this error, I cannot find it on any error catalog. And, do I even care?


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        Originally posted by Gravity Mike View Post
        the only difference is the name
        So what are the names? especially the one that doesn't work, but having both to compare would help.

        The O.P had an "invalid path" error, so presumably there was something in the file name* that something didn't like, I don't know the entire set of rules for Windows file names, but certain characters are not allowed. Also library interdependence is so complicated these days that we can't be sure this even got as far as the Windows system, could be that something else is doing a check using slightly different rules than Windows (which for all I know may itself change subtly from time to time without warning)

        * in this case "file name" would also include the names of any subdirectories (i.e. "folders") involved