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Jogging Stepper motor thru serial communication

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  • Jogging Stepper motor thru serial communication

    Using Click PLC, I would like to know if there is any communication (SEND) syntax to jog a Surestep motor via serial communication. I found the example for indexing a stepper motor over serial communication (sending Speed, Accel, Decel and number of steps and a GO command). However the stepper motor is used to index fabric under a press, which then cuts out a pattern. I need the jog capability to initially thread the machine with the fabric. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

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    I'm assuming you are using one of the "advanced" Surestep drives that uses SLC commands. JS (Jog Speed) CJ (commence jogging) and SJ (stop jogging) seem like they should do the job


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      When you thread in you may jog different lengths and multiple times.
      implement a go of a certain length which you may decide to stop manually.

      Send and receive work over modbus comm.


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        I've written some posts about this, if you want to search under my name. The example you mention gives you the necessary syntax. Look for the documentation on automationdirect's website to find the SCL Command language; that gives you all the available commands.

        One detail to note is that with the Click, you can send OR receive, but not both in a timely manner. The ladder logic controlling SEND and RECEIVE is not asynchronous, meaning that unless the PLC's timing is exactly correct (which is a daunting feat), you can send the command, but the PLC cannot process the ladder logic and switch over to listen on the serial port in time to receive the response.

        If I remember correctly, jog commands are the following:

        JS = Jog Speed in rev/s
        JA = Jog Acceleration in rev/s/s
        JL = Jog Deceleration in rev/s/s
        CJ = Commence Jog
        SJ = Stop Jog

        Unless you need variable accelerations for jog and velocity, you can set those commands once and they will remain while the step drive is powered on.

        Hope this helps!