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C0-01DR-D 101 and 103 faults

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  • C0-01DR-D 101 and 103 faults

    I have several pieces of material handling equipment that I am using the Click PLC in that are giving me repeated 101 and 103 faults where I do not have any IO modules installed. I have disabled the IO check at start up and have no IO configured in the settings. The units will run okay and then fault randomly, each time a 101 and a 103 fault is generated. I have an identical production line using the same panels, layouts, and programs but the PLCs are from 2015 and 2016. These units have never faulted and have been error free.

    The units on the new line are from 2017 and 2018 so as a test I swapped/used an older PLC from 2015 with firmware rev 2.00 and I rolled one of the ones from 2017 back to 2.00. The unit from 2015 has not faulted since this test and the unit from 2017 has faulted multiple times with 101 and 103 faults.

    I have verified that the panels and machines are grounded. I have changed power supplies to a different brand and model. I have monitored for transient voltage spikes and fluctuations. I cannot find an issue other than one line is using newer PLCs. Both lines are adjacent to one another and some equipment shares the same buss feed. I have tried grounding the power supply negative and have had no change

    Is there some way to totally disable this IO check or at least make the 101 and 103 fault a soft fault or error so my equipment can continue to run? At this point I do not care if the PLC sees an issue with the expansion IO because there is none.

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    Call AD tech support. They will help you resolve your problem.