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Displaying 9 digit floating number in cmore micro using click plc

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  • Displaying 9 digit floating number in cmore micro using click plc

    Hello everyone, im new to the forum and in need of a little help.

    My application is quite simple but need a little help with displaying information on HMI. I'm using a click c0-00dd2-d and a cmore micro ea3-s3ml.

    What I need to do is to measure the length of a tube that passes through pulley that is 3 inch diameter, and I need to display the value in the c more micro hmi to monitor how much tube has been consumed.

    I have 1 inductive sensor that turns on every time the pulley turns completely, it triggers the following math operation everytime it is turned on

    DS1 = DS1 +1,

    then I store in DF1 the result of the number of turns the pully has made (DS1), times the perimeter of the pulley which is the length that im looking for. I do this with the following math operation

    DF1 = DS1 (PI *3)

    Next i want to display this number in the Cmore HMI, so i assign a numeric display to display the DF1 tag.

    my concern is, i will need to count reels of tube that are 50000 ft length, aprox 600000 inches, i think the DF1 memory address can store this value but not sure how to display after 99,999.99 on the Cmore micro.

    Im aware there might be problems with the way im thinking to develop the application, please correct any wrong ideas i have, this is my first time using an hmi so im kind of a newbie

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    Since the circumference of your pulley is nearly 10" I don't see a lot of point in displaying fractions of an inch, so just set the C-More micro to display only the integer portion (6 or 7 total digits, 0 fractional digits. Then you'd have no problem displaying 600000. BTW I just tried it (in the simulator) and the C-More micro does round the float, so, say, 56798.89 will display as 56799 rather than the less accurate 56798 (but again with your 3" pulley the difference is not significant.
    Also, supposing your pulley is machined (or has worn) to 2.9999" rather than 3.0000" then after even half a roll (around 32000 revolutions of the pulley) you are going to be off by about 10" anyway so all the more reason to not bother displaying the fractional portion.