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Issue communicating values between Click PLC and HMI

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  • Issue communicating values between Click PLC and HMI


    First post on here so I'm hoping it's landing in the right spot. I am currently working on a project using a Cmore EA3-S3ML-R and a Click PLC. So far everything has been extremely intuitive and I couldn't be happier with how it is going so far. The biggest issue I am having is with numerical entry on the touch screen. I have a field where I would like the number entered to control the duration of a timer in the PLC program. So far I can achieve this however the number entered on the HMI is quite a bit different than the value in the PLC program. For instance I have to have a value of 700ms entered in the HMI to get the duration of the timer in the PLC program to be 2000ms. We could definitely streamline our testing of this prototype machine if we can get the PLC program to register the exact value entered in the HMI. Thanks in advance for any help with this issue!

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    Can you post your program so we can look to see the timer preset value register?
    On the Numeric Entry Object, what do you have as your display type? Can you include your C-More Micro program as well?



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      This is just a guess, but my thought is your tag in the Cmore is BCD instead of integer. I found it best to export data tags from the PLC programming software for import into the Cmore programming software.
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        I think Todd Dice is on the right track. If the CMore tag is set to BCD then an entry of 700 would give a preset of 1792. 800 BCD would give 2048.



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          Todd Dice hit the nail on the head with this one, Thank you all for the quick responses as well! I will definitely be changing up my order of operations to export tags from the PLC program, that makes a lot more sense now. Everything is operating as intended now, I'm sure I'll program myself into a corner again soon. I know where to go when that happens now. Thanks again y'all!