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syntax check error.

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  • syntax check error.

    I have a strange syntax check error and the tutorials say I should be able to click on errors but nothing happens.

    Here is the error. I am new to click but have experience with other PLC programming. The hardware is still in the mail so I can't connect yet. Any ideas?

    --------------------Configuration: Nutramedics cap tightener - Syntax Check--------------------
    Compiler version 1, 0, 4, 0
    Syntax Check...
    Main Program
    Fatal error 0x00000003: C:\Users\Thunk\AppData\Local\Temp\CLICK (001B08C0)\Compile\S001R00001.dat contains an invalid path.

    Nutramedics cap tightener - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

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    That's not a syntax error. That is a Windows error. Your Windows temporary path has an issue. Could be security software, permissions issue, it is full, or ????
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      Le sigh.... I forgot the first thing you do when you get an error. Turn it off and on again.