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wire analog input and output to I/O card ???

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  • wire analog input and output to I/O card ???

    Hello All, To start i'm very new to this and looking for some clarification on how to wire an analog input and output from an automated ball valve. I am using the click Ethernet C0-10DRE-D with the I/O C0-4AD2DA-1 module per Automation Direct. I do not understand where to hook up the 3 wires from the ball valve to the I/O module. This ball valve needs to be controlled by the PLC 4-20mA sent to the #2 wire(output from the PLC). The ball valve also has a built in position indicator that sends a signal 4-20mA output using the #3 wire that needs to go to the plc(input to the PLC). By the looks of this with only 1 negative wire on the ball valve and 2 positive that send the input and the output i'm thinking this is a sourcing device to be able to send 2 different signals into the PLC that are positive. When I asked for help from Automation direct on which I/O card to use they told me the input that would be hooking up to the output from the ball valve is sinking and I would need to use the power source to power the loop.

    Can someone help explain how to wire this part of my project. Thanks
    Click image for larger version

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    Do you have any more info on the automated ball valve?


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      J&J automation S20 J3CS. JJ's website seems to be down. I found Plastomatic has a valve very similar.


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        I can not be sure, but it looks like:

        C0-4AD2DA-1 module 0v connected to 0v, 24v connected to 24vdc

        C0-4AD2DA-1 module 0v Valve Pin 1
        C0-4AD2DA-1 module Ch1 Output to Valve Pin 2
        C0-4AD2DA-1 module Ch1 Input to Valve Pin 3

        If you can not verify with Mfg, I would at least put in the small protective fuses for the 20ma signals before testing.

        Since the site still does not work, another pdf for this valve.


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          That is what i'm thinking to. I will be sure to use a fuse during install. So the 24v on the C0-4AS2DA-1 connects to the Ch's to complete the loop?



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            I believe that the 24v is connected internally and allows for the C0-4AS2DA-1 Ch1 Output to source the valve.
            The valve is loop powered.
            The C0-4AS2DA-1 input is sinking.