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RS232 comms issue PC to C0-00DR-D

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  • RS232 comms issue PC to C0-00DR-D

    So. I'm a complete n00b with PLCs (but I program servers in C# as my day job), but I have been asked to help a friend out to automate a couple of conveyor belt motors.

    So I bought a new C0-00DR-D and the PSU and cable. Connected to an existing USB to 9-Pin-D converter, on a laptop i7 running Win10.
    Downloaded the latest Click version 2.4 suite. And upgraded the firmware on the PLC.

    So when the PLC is plugged in, at 38000 baud 1 stop Odd parity, I get every minute or so the red 'LOST COMM' warning on the UI.
    When I do an upload program to PLC I get PTC-005 communication error. Then it works.

    I don't know. For something as ancient and slow as RS232 it seems awfully flakey.

    Is this normal? Or is my RS232 to USB cable stuffed?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas and feedback. Fox.

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    what usb-232 adapter?
    comms should not be troublesome


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      "Connected to an existing USB to 9-Pin-D converter"
      Not all USB to RS232 converters are created equal, some are indeed flaky.
      I usually use an Automation Direct EA-MG-PGM-CBL which has been very reliable, but I have also had some no-name adapters work fine (and some that were not fine at all)


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        RS-232 is a ground referenced signal so a good ground on the PLC and the PC are important as is good quality power to the PLC. Also, RS-232 is not very noise immune so if here is a lot of electrical noise around the PLC that can affect communications as well.
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          Thanks all. I have ordered a couple of different higher quality USB/RS232 converters to try out. And I'll try a different PC. PSU is the Click PSU as supplied. Ground is all OK. I'll report back when / if I find a solution. Rgds


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            You say the transmission does get through. I would have tried a lower baud rate first, like 2400.


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              I dont think that port 1 is configurable.
              38400 O 8 1


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                Originally posted by kewakl View Post
                I dont think that port 1 is configurable.
                38400 O 8 1
                Working on a Click project this past Friday. You're correct, it's not.
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