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Repeating "Pulse" relay output to drive solenoid

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  • Repeating "Pulse" relay output to drive solenoid

    I've been around PLCs from a user and maintenance point (with slight logic modification) for years, but I'm new to programming from scratch. I'm need guidance on the simplest and least overhead way to make a pulsed output (roughly 200msec) to operate a pneumatic solenoid that "pulses" a pneumatic rams to strike multiple bells for a door bell. The output to the solenoid needs to be a one-shot for about 200msec for the air to get to the ram and strike the hammer against the bell.

    I have 3 outputs for 3 bell tones. I want to be able to create various sequences of ringing the bells when a button is pushed. The problem is I don't want to create a new timer/timer bit for each instance of striking a bell. Is there a way to create a pulsed output function that will energize Y1, Y2, and/or Y3 for 200msec that I can use repeatedly without creating 100+ timers with 200ms delayed off?

    I've used physical one-shot pulse relays for this function before, but I now want to use a PLC to operate the door bells instead of the timer relays and pulse relay.

    Thanks in advance for helping with my question.

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    First, I would suggest NOT using a relay output CLICK. I would use a transistor output driving an external relay. Relays fail with repeat use. If it is external to the CLICK, it will be easily replaceable.
    I would look at a the CLICK DRUM instruction. You configure it like filling out a timing diagram.


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      I just finished a project that had 8 stack light assemblies, but at the last minute they wanted this color to flash for this event, etc... I had them change all the outputs from relay (which is my standard) to transistor, for longevity.


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        Thank you for the replies. I am using a relay Click because I don't have room in the box for external relays and the transistor outputs would not be able to drive the coils. This is used as a doorbell that does not get used very often, so I'm not worried about relay life.

        I began experimenting with the drum and it will work well. I can create multiple drums for different patterns of ringing the chimes. Each drum will do the timed pattern. This mostly solves my specific problem with the door bell application.

        However, I still have the original general question of how to make a "global" pulse timer output. Is there an eloquent way to create some function or variable that automatically pulses a triggered output (Y1,Y2, etc) for a specified duration without creating a timer for each instance? If my question is ambiguous, please let me know.


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          Do you mean something like this? This is a PxK project.
          I'm not sure how a click would handle such a workload.


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            Consider using s:4/0 bit to send pulses and some more as in attached file.
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              Originally posted by Agent280295 View Post
              Consider using s:4/0 bit to send pulses and some more as in attached file.
              That may be useful an AB PLC.


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                Originally posted by kewakl View Post
                That may be useful an AB PLC.
                You get 10 Internets!

                Here's something Click related Click image for larger version

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