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Pointer help file confusion.

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  • Pointer help file confusion.

    Attempting to use a pointer but there is some confusion in the the help file. In the sentence is that DSC is an acceptable address type, but in the image below shows DS. I note no DSC address type, so should I assume it's just a typo? - OR - some new hidden address type (for a future PID instruction?) Click image for larger version

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    Hmm, new datatype! Naaah. I would assume a typo. If it weren't a typo, where is the useful DS?
    [EDIT] Other CLICK SW version Help files have the same sentence, but without the 'C' appended to the DS register.
    The 'C' is only in V2.40 - as far as I have checked.

    Still, it leaves one to wonder 'what was a Dev doing mucking about in the help file source?' and is there no 'source diff' flag?
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