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    I have a Click CO-11ARE-D, CO-04THM, and a CO 04AD-1, arranged in that order, I use for miscellaneous purposes. My power supply to the 04AD-1 and HMI failed but the error code the click gave out was no power to the THM. Removing the 04 from the system removed the fault code

    Can someone enlighten me on what was happening?

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    Well, I'll the time it took to write the above, the PS to the HMI and separated 04 came back on. Still wondering why no power to the 04 created the error it did.


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      What voltage was available at the power supply while ALL components were connected?
      I do not see a MIN/MAX for the 24V in the C0-04AD-1 specs.
      According to the sysconfig power budget, this setup only required ~185mA.
      What PSU, HMI? Maybe the HMI is too much load on PSU.

      EDIT, The C0-04THM has a ~11 second power up/CPU RUN sequence - look at sysconfig RED note


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        This system has worked for several years.

        Rhino power supply to 04 and Cmore HMI. CLICK & therm share a PS. 120 volt.

        I suspect the Rhino gave me grief but so far I canít get a repeat.


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          It was the Rhino. Power to it, nothing out again.