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Keyence LR-ZH490CB Wiring

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  • Keyence LR-ZH490CB Wiring

    Hey everyone,

    I've got a Click C0-00DR-D and I want to use a LR-ZH490CB Keyence Laser sensor as an input. I've got the wiring for the m12 connector as follows Blue to a separate terminal block supplied by the negative side of the 24vdc power supply for 0vdc. Brown to a separate terminal block supplied by 24Vdc positive again from the power supply. and the black to X1, but I m not sure where to put the white wire below are the diagrams. Do I nee the white wire and am I correct in how I have this?


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    Click Schematic and Sensor Wiring
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      Depending on how the sensor is configured (assuming you do have it set for PNP output using the black wire for output), it seems the white can be either a remote setting input or "laser emission stop"
      There is a pretty good chance that you don't need to connect the white wire at all, but that will depend on how you configure the sensor